Environmental, Social & Governance

Introduction to the policy


Reassured aspires to achieving excellence in business. Defined not just by growth or profit, but by the commitment to create an ethical, lasting, sustainable business that the customers, the employees and the local communities can be proud of, all while maintaining the highest level of corporate governance.

This will be achieved by bringing together a diverse group of employees who are passionate about driving positive change to the business, the environment and the local community.

Scope of the policy

This Policy applies to all Reassured Ltd & Reassured Advice Ltd employees and locations worldwide, as well all business partners and suppliers (where relevant). It will act as the umbrella policy that will sit above any specific environmental, social and/or governance policies. This Policy sets out the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics which are most material for Reassured Ltd & Reassured Advice Ltd [The company] and the operations and how Reassured manage these.


All questions regarding this Policy should be addressed to: Head of ESG, Reward & Data Insights.

Our employees

Reassured Ltd.’s most important resource is its employees. As such, Reassured are strongly committed to:

  1. Employee development, engagement and retention.
    Employee development is an area that the company is committed to enhancing. At the company, all employees will have an appraisal a minimum of once annually, with regular check ins, to give them the opportunity to set professional objectives and seek advice on further personal development.
    The company will aim to provide opportunity to obtain further professional qualifications for as many employees as possible where relevant and viable in addition to providing access to the online training portal to all employees. The eLearning content covers a wide range of learning topics to benefit all employees across all departments.
    The company is committed to understand the employees and will conduct frequent surveys (detailed and pulse) to allow all employees to be heard, supported by a variety of focus groups.
    The benefits offering to employees is under a constant cycle of review in order to ensure that the employees have access to benefits that provide them with the greatest value within the budget of the business.
  2. Employee wellbeing
    The company do this through the bespoke wellbeing strategy designed and continuously developed by the Business Psychologist, especially for the needs of the employees. It focuses on immediate support for individuals using wellbeing support and action plans, the 5 fully trained mental health first aiders, and a series of wellbeing packs especially tailored to suit the needs of employees covering financial, physical and psychological wellbeing.
    As well as the immediate support offered, the company offer positive longer term preventative approaches to help employees thrive at work. This is done through a series of wellbeing initiatives such as mental health boot camps, wellness videos providing easy to implement tips for employees, motivational Mondays and the sharing of podcasts
  3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
    The company is committed to promoting diversity, providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of the community, and to ensuring that employment decisions are based on individual abilities and qualification.
    The DE&I policy captures the commitment and outlines how Reassured strive for equal opportunities across the employment cycle. If an employee has a DEI concern or believes the policy has been breached, a confidential reporting mechanism is available for employees to inform HR Team.
    Reassured have put together a diversity, equity and inclusion committee who meet quarterly to discuss any challenges minority communities face and to advise the business on ways the company can continue to promote diversity and inclusion in day-to-day actions.
    All employees receive training on diversity and inclusion, with any hiring manager receiving advanced training on unconscious bias.
  4. Health & safety
    The health and safety of each of the employees, customers, contractors, and other visitors is of fundamental importance to the company. The company offices nationally adhere to the company’s H&S Policy in addition to set health and safety standards relevant to their specific location and operation, with an appointed person from our facilities team responsible for monitoring compliance. Key H&S risks are assessed and managed routinely. Please see the Health & Safety Policy for more details.

This overarching ESG policy is supported by underlying policies relating to employees, including:

  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Hybrid & remote working policies
  • Social and Charity policy
  • Wellbeing policy

Policy integration

The company recognise the importance of gaining commitment to the ESG policy from all levels within the organisation: from senior management, internal functions, the employees, the partners, and the suppliers, all of which are responsible for adhering to the principles of this policy.

Monitoring & reporting

The company has agreed to a set of initiatives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to reflect our key ESG issues as a business. Progress against these KPIs (see below) and implementation of this policy will be monitored quarterly by the Head of ESG, Reward & Data insights along with the ESG Committee. ESG reporting will be provided to the board on a monthly basis covering some or all elements of our ESG KPI’s.

The Company Board has overall responsibility for ESG matters. The COO & the CPO are responsible for owning this policy and will act as the designated point of contact responsible for collating reports from the Head of ESG, Reward & Data insights who will also produce an annual report for the Board. Individual ownership will be assigned to each initiative in line with the business area that it corresponds to, coordinated by the Head of ESG, Reward & Data insights.

Key performance indicators

Topic KPI
Climate and GHG Emissions

greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) measured in tCO2e

  • scope 1: direct emissions due to owned, controlled sources
  • scope 2: indirect emissions due to purchase of electricity, heat, steam, etc.
  • scope 3: all other indirect emissions [include business travel as a minimum]
  • all accounted for using the GHG Protocol

renewable energy consumption as a % of total energy consumption

Diversity, equity and inclusion

female employees as a % of overall headcount

female board members as a % of overall board headcount

board members from under-represented groups as a % of overall board headcount

D&I whistleblowing incidents

number of work-related accidents (including injuries, fatalities and number of days lost due to injury)

Health and safety

number of work-related accidents (including injuries, fatalities and number of days lost due to injury)